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Thrifty Thursdays by Carrie Hoyle
Painting fun at the start of a wonderful weekend.
Come and join our Thrifty Thursday club. Come and paint along, socialise and learn lots for just an hour of you time a fiver! Different theme every week. Perfect for beginner face painters up.

You can just watch and listen from the comfort of your living room, join in on chat and ask questions and if you like you can paint along.

Unique demo workshop every Thursday evening from 7 till 8pm every week a different theme.
 Entrance only a fiver!! Limited seats.
Register here for Thrifty Thursdays:
Thrifty Thursday! 8st April 2021, 7-8pm, theme: killer linework and simple tribal designs.
Learn how to create beautiful swirls, curls and teardrops and put them into practice with some simple and effective tribal designs.
Immediate availability
Thrifty Thursday! 15th April 2021, 7-8pm, theme: Easy tiger!
Learn how to blend gorgeous bases together to create amazing tiger and big cat designs.
Immediate availability
Thrifty Thursday! 22th April 2021, 7-8pm, theme: Beautiful butterflies
Learn how to use the curves and shape of the face to create a very effective butterfly.
Immediate availability
Thrifty Thursday! 29nd April 2021, 7-8pm, theme: Monster eyes
Learn how to use simple effects to create simple and fun monster eyes!
Immediate availability
Special Deal! MiKimFX Thrifty Thursday Starter Kit.
Your MiKimFX Thrifty Thursday's Starter kit including:
7 AQ colours (5ml), 5 Magic Dust glitters (5ml), facepainting stencil, tattoo stencil, Magic Shine BFG Glue (10ml), A6 step by step booklet, 2 professional facepainting brushes + 5 petal sponges.

Including one Thrifty Thursday (choose own date and let us know by email).
Including P + P
Immediate availability
How to login ?

It’s very simple to log into the MiKimFX Academy Platform. Half an hour before the start of the workshop you will receive an email with link and password.

Just click the link  and it will take you to the login page and then you can decide it…

1) You want to paint along:

Just enter with your name and password (in the email). Click on the ‘microphone’ icon to join in with the audio and the camera icon to join in on video ; we can guide you through these options once you’ve logged on.

2) You just want to listen and watch:

Just enter with your name and password (in the email). Click the ‘headphone’ icon and you can follow the session without the audio and video.

In the left upper corner you will see chat function;
you can use this to ask direct questions and chat to the other attendees.
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